Date: 5 months ago   Category: Economy

Weiss Ratings: the bitcoin has lost as currency

The opinion of rating agency follows a tendency of decrease in use of payments of BTC in real life. have commented on

In a recent tweet of Weiss Ratings that the bitcoin hasn't coped with the task to be "electronic cash from the user to the user" and in fact I haven't coped with the task as currency.

of Weiss Ratings which have started a chart for assessment of cryptocurrency assets several months ago have focused on the real useful use and a role to which serves digital assets. At the same time the agency remains optimistical rather future cryptocurrency assets, seeing in them bigger potential, except as as a portfolio of securities. The asset with low correlation with traditional assets, S&P500, dollar, international campaigns, bonds, goods and even gold is a cryptocurrency, - I have written in the recent publication on the blog Weiss Ratings by Tony Sagami.

Exists several reasons why the bitcoin couldn't be used widely as means of payment. One of problems is volatility of the price as it strongly fluctuated within the last several months. One more reason is that still very few sellers accept bitcoin as means of payment, some do it as a novelty, then refusing this option.

has led Low use of BTC to the fact that other networks of altkoin have begun to look for decisions which would make cryptocurrency payments simpler, the cheapest way and more intuitive. But purists of bitcoin say that the bitcoin serves as storage of value in the basic and actually doesn't demand characteristics of fast network for electronic payments.

Exists a paradox with low use of bitcoin, considering that him хешрейт it is close to record maxima. But the mining has nothing in common with that how many transactions happen in network in the real world. The Mining and exchange speculation have the principles of remuneration and incentives at which a little general with expenditure of the real bitcoin. The majority of mayner only sell coins for compensation of the expenses.

besides, the bitcoin has no real economy behind line of niche goods and so far his limited offer isn't adapted for wide use in the real world. Through his fixed offer and deflationary character, BTC very much differs from fiatny currencies where the release is defined by the central banks, based on the needs of economy or plans to stimulate activity due to additional activity.



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