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Weight loss for those to whom laziness: basic rules

Diets demand time of the huge victims and efforts, presence of will power and spirit, readiness to refuse the most favourite products. Some maintain, there are those who break, and someone can't start the beginning of observance of a diet at all. An exit is found - a diet for lazy, writes bubiki.

Liouba from us trying to keep to various diets, torturing herself in a fitness studio in search of a way of the most effective weight loss is known that the symmetry is directly connected with a number of tight restrictions which significantly depress our life already rich with stresses.

Lack of an opportunity to use fat and sweet, need of an exception of having a snack during the day and evening tea drinking - all this only a small part of the bans which the modern slender beauty has to put before herself. However weight loss for lazy is not the myth. It is just necessary to follow certain rules.

of 10 rules of effective weight reduction with little effort

1. If your dwelling - not own mansion, it is worth walking upstairs on foot. It is necessary to carry out it slowly that will help to spend calories and to pump up appetizing buttocks. Having entered only two similar rises into the schedule of the day are capable to remove 80 calories.

2. It is important to pay attention to the level of power value of products. For example, chocolate wafers contain twice more calories, than in swiss roll with fruit or creamy ice cream. It is better to prefer the fat-free dairy products, thereby getting rid of cholesterol and receiving more protein.

3. Your habitual meal has to be divided into three parts from which it is possible to eat only two thirds. It is necessary to eat slowly, taking pleasure from each piece. Duration of one meal - not less than 15 minutes. If process of the use of food lasts less, you hardly feel saturation at the end of a meal.

4. If you already developed long term habit to drink cocktails, consider what in soft drinks contains 100 calories less, than in the drinks containing alcohol.

5. Find time for process of creation of a cosiness and comfort in your apartment. Cleaning lasting only 45 minutes will burn about 100 calories. Such way of weight loss will be not only effective, but also extremely useful.

6. The chocolate used in small quantities will increase operability of heart and will improve mood. However, for a figure it is far more useful to replace him with candied fruits, nutlets dried fruits.

7. Stewed have to succeed fried dishes, allowing you to get rid of hundred calories a day.

8. Once the thicket dances! It is proved that physical activity at dance and also happiness hormone emission accompanying it, about 100 calories within 20 minutes will help to burn.

9. An irreplaceable way of weight loss is active sex. In an hour of this pleasant occupation it is possible to get rid approximately of 150 calories.

10. It is necessary to adhere strictly to a day regimen as the sleep debt will lead exchange to delay of the basic



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