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Way to smooth wrinkles about which know, but doctors don't tell

Thanks to a product which is in each house. you for certain heard more than once

about various methods of application of baking soda. She is irreplaceable in a household, for cooking and in care of a body.

A still soda is one of the best ingredients for preparation of a face pack. Doing to

a mask with soda, you will forever forget about dark circles and bags under eyes, about spots and eels. She updates epidermis, tightens a face form and smoothes the first wrinkles. Soda absorbs toxins, destroys microbic flora, and bleaches skin. by

Here is how to make to itself a mask with soda.

Ingredients: 2 tablespoons of baking soda; 2 drops of oil of a tea tree; lemon half. Way of preparation:

Mix all ingredients, don't receive uniform creamy mix yet.


Put a mask on a face and leave her for several minutes, then wash away. In a week repeat process and having left a mask for 10 minutes. Then wash away water. If you have sensitive skin, add a small amount of water to mix. Why it works with


Baking soda well peels skin and eliminates dead cages and also washes away all dirt which has accumulated on a face. Oil of a tea tree is extremely useful, especially in case of eels and spots. Lemon juice removes the cause of emergence of spots and bleaches pigmentary spots.

Soda perfectly will be suitable for people with skin of the fat or combined type. And here for dry skin she can only be used occasionally and surely with the subsequent moistening. by

Having made this mask once, you fall in love with her forever. It is a fine analog of any professional mask.

of Fia Mont.



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