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Watch how 50 migrants land on the beach and run up - in the face of tourists!

Land directly on the beach of magnificent hotel.

Vacationers in Spain have been stunned when they have seen how the boat with big group of migrants has moored on the brisk tourist beach near magnificent hotel, LadBible reports.

the Incident has occurred near the tourist resort Sankti-Petri in which there are shops, restaurants and several four - and five-star hotels. Vacationers watched

with an open mouth as the inflatable boat transporting about 50 Moroccans, including about ten children has moored near a magnificent hotel zone on Spanish Costa-de-la-Luz.

Refugees have jumped out of the boat, and began to run away far away from the sea, and some even clambered on the nearby rock. According to local media, most of them were minors.

the Eyewitness has also reported that the Spanish home guards have arrested two people shortly after the boat has moored on the brisk tourist beach.

Officials of municipality have said that the Spanish home guards have also begun operation on search of other immigrants.

25 of them have been caught, and they were Moroccans. But the rest, it seems, managed to disappear, and most likely, they will remain in Spain.

A few days ago dozens of migrants stormed one more southern Spanish beach on which the suspecting nudists sunbathed nothing. Last month similar scenes were observed also in other regions of Spain.

Local mass media report that since Friday on the coast of Andalusia by various boats more than 500 migrants have landed.

Yesterday the coast guard has saved more than 60 migrants in the Strait of Gibraltar - 28 less, than on Saturday when 88 migrants have been saved. Meanwhile, Spain last week has sent 116 migrants back to Morocco after they have illegally driven to the country.

the Number of migrants who tried to get to the country has made 20 992 people only for the first half of the year 2018 whereas for all 2017 they were counted only 22 108 <.br>
It is unlikely that the authorities controlled a situation.

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