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Wasps attack Ukrainians, in hospitals notices: 5 things which need to be made as soon as possible if the wasp has bitten

The end of summer - an early autumn - time when wasps become incredibly aggressive. Politeka will tell how not to fall a victim of the embittered insect and how to save the life if you were stung nevertheless by a wasp
Harmless, at first sight, stings of wasps actually often come to an end with a lethal outcome. The statistics is sad - die of poison of this insect three times more often than from snake. The reason - in ignorance of rules of first-aid treatment and belief that this sting is absolutely harmless.

Now Ukraine endures the real peak of spiteful activity of wasps. It occurs annually at the end of summer - an early autumn. At this particular time insects are in a condition of the greatest stress - they should hurry with arrangement of nests and collecting stocks for the winter. Besides, "striped" it is necessary to struggle with hornets and drones that they haven't dragged off what wasps have diligently prepared constantly.

Plus to everything in August-September people in large quantities use such delicacies well-loved by wasps as watermelons, melons and grapes.

To whom stings of wasps are especially dangerous?

Physicians hurry to calm - the sting of a wasp isn't dangerous to the healthy person at all. But the statistics rather frightening - at one of 250 people is observed strong allergic reaction.

Category of risk - children, elderly people, asthmatics and allergic persons. Stings of an insect can have serious consequences for people with diseases of cardiovascular system and respiratory organs. The importance takes also place of a sting. Surely call "ambulance" if the sting has had in a face, a lip, a throat or language. It can cause to lightning development of hypostasis and suffocation.

poison of a wasp can cause a sharp lowering of arterial pressure, vomiting, a diarrhea, spasms In allergic persons and even anaphylactic shock. Therefore if you have tendency to an allergy, surely you carry with yourself antihistaminic medicines which will be able to help you with a critical situation.

How to protect itself from stings? Experts advise

to follow several simple rules which will help you not to fall a victim of an aggressive insect: try not to open

in the afternoon of a window, do it better after sunset when wasps have already returned to the nests; don't leave to

open a garbage can as favourite delicacy of wasps - the decaying fruit. For the same reason try not to leave various delicacies on a table; be attentive

, walking on a grass, especially - nearby the blossoming plants. Walks barefoot on a green grass, certainly, are pleasant, but in August it is better to avoid them;

refuse bright flower prints in clothes not to draw excessive attention of aggressive insects.

What to do at a sting - 5 main things which need to be made immediately

to keep health, and sometimes even life, after a sting of a wasp:

Call the doctor. Especially you shouldn't neglect this rule if you have tendency to an allergy, or after a sting you observe the swelled language, dizziness, rash.




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