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"Was on Honduras": Pretentious Shalyapin was dishonored on air of the show "Five on One"

"On", "in" or "under" - here the main issue which the members of the team urged on.

the Singer Prokhor Shalyapin was dishonored by a ridiculous phrase on air of the show "Five on One" where battled for a victory against the team of adherents. The question sounded: "With what request in 19029 the government of Honduras addressed to the resident of the USA Charles Hetfildu?".

in the course of heated discussion Prokhor decided to touch all options, but proceeding from logic could not understand in what business. While the audience in studio clapped and supported team, pretentious Shalyapin was dishonored on air of the show "Five on One". The statement of the actor became a laughing matter.

"I even was on Honduras", - Shalyapin told, than and provoked laughter and strange views in studio.

However in studio asked Prokhor: "on" or "in" Honduras he had to be on what the singer told "on Honduras and on the Bridewealth". After that pretentious Shalyapin blinked, and at this time the member of his team emphasized that the singer could be and "near Honduras".

was distributed after that laughter in studio which for obvious reasons was cut off.

of Shalyapin was repeatedly accused of homosexuality and attributed it the status of the gay, but the actor did not decide to confirm such words and still, according to Russians, continues to put on an act. For the successful conspiracy, emphasize in Network, Prokhor could use Vitlaina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya who has benefit from such union. At the moment couple is in the relations, and haters attributed to Vitlaina pregnancy in which they doubt all.




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