Date: 5 months ago   Category: Incidents

War for a ramp in Kharkiv: scandal with the Paralympic medallist has received continuation

Inhabitants of the house in Kharkiv had no right to interfere with the member of a Paralympic team of Ukraine on fencing, the bronze medallist of the World Cup Anna Pashkova to establish a ramp near ceremonial.

"It also if has arrived rural the head and has reported that changes are made to the project of the house allowing to put a new window. You see that all houses build now or equip with ramps", - the director of the department of a social security of the Kharkiv RSA Yury Shparaga has said, gives "Kharkiv. Комментарии.ua". the Director of the department of questions of information and public relations of the Kharkiv city council Yury Sidorenko has promised

in Facebook that at Pashkova's house nevertheless will establish a ramp, despite abuse of neighbors.

"A ramp at Anna will be", - he has written. Works have begun to conduct on August 23. The aggressive neighbor of Pashkova poured strong language, despite presence of public activists and journalists.

Moreover, the adviser to the head of the Kharkiv regional state administration Pavel Fedosenko has written to Facebook that they have come to support the sportswoman too and have seen many strangers.

"Absolutely strangers have arrived to the region of geography to support the sportswoman. Only present", - he has noted.

In the Kharkiv RSA have promised to consider the address from journalists and Anna in the next few days and also to prepare documentation that the legality of installation of a ramp didn't raise doubts at residents.



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