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Wanted: "chocolate" collection of a make-up Shu Uemura and La Maison du Chocolat

In the heading Wanted we share novelties from the world of beauty which want to be caught right now. Today in our vishlist - the New Year's Shu Uemura collection created together with the French network of boutiques of La Maison du Chocolat chocolate. The "gourmet" line had included lipsticks and shadows with aroma of chocolate, branded curling tongs of eyelashes, the legendary cleaning oil and also a case for cosmetics. with

Of course, byyuti-collaborations recently you will surprise nobody. And for certain you have not one palette of shadows and lipstick, but how about means which smell it is as delightful how chocolate?

Start of a joint collection of a make-up of Shu Uemura and La Maison du Chocolat will officially take place only on November 15, but we are already ready to tell you all the most interesting about novelties. At La Maison du Chocolat and Shu Uemura much in common: we respect traditions, but we don't stop thinking, to be improved, move forward. We embody true beauty, uniting two worlds - the world of chocolate and the world of a meykap and though we speak different languages, we have general values: skill and passion to creativity. The best chocolate and мейкап - a magic combination for holidays. Only one thought of it does you happier, isn't it? - Uchiide, the international creative director of the Shu Uemura brand is sure.

Before creation of a collection the Shu Uemura team by the invitation of experts in La Maison du Chocolat chocolate has arrived to Nanterre (the city near Paris) where have shown her all production phases of chocolates. At the end makeup artists have chosen design from the Envol collection where each chocolate is decorated manually. Besides, we have selected three types of cocoa from Brazil, Ghana and Grenada, - mister of >
So has told that here at us for a dessert. The New Year's collection was filled up at once by two lipsticks - rouge unlimited and unlimited supreme matte. Both with the opaque finish and chocolate aroma. "The candied cranberry", "salty caramel", "blackcurrant", "raspberry sorbet", "nut cream" - you read names of shades, and the appetite wakes up.

the liquid eyeliner of magic metallic lip liner of two flowers - dusty and gold and dusty-pink will help to Create an unusual New Year's make-up of lips (it is necessary to put it on a contour of lips).

the New palette of the eye shadow ganache & praline eye Palette is similar to a box of chocolates. She left in two variations - "dark chocolate" and "raspberry cocktail".

Brow Unlimited ink in two flowers will help "to Recover" eyebrows: orange and violet. On creation of these shades of makeup artists the exciting fruit notes of orange and blackcurrant, frequent satellites of chocolate have inspired.

Legendary curling tongs of eyelashes Premium Curler - now and in a chocolate shade with a charm in the form of a small piece of chocolate! Creamy dome blusher blush with creamy texture reminds the well-known French cakes of pasta.

Powder with effect of shine of shimmery powder is similar to golden pollen with which decorate chocolate. She can be used as blush, shadows or a highlighter.

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