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Wanted: a collection for an "invisible" make-up of Neo Nude, Giorgio Armani

In the heading Wanted we share novelties from the world of beauty which want to be caught right now. Today in our vishlist - the powder similar to the enveloping veil, liquid means for a delicate konturing, water-based blush, the highlighter of color of champagne looking as liquid silk, and the softening lip balm with oil of capers.

"I think that the make-up is an individual choice by everyone, time when all were guided by trends, has passed". Linda Kantello, the international makeup artist of the Giorgio Armani Beauty brand answers with this phrase our question what мейк will be fashionable this fall. The natural make-up, or as it is called still, a make-up "without make-up", will be relevant always. In the new Neo Nude collection there is just everything that to create him: means for ideal tone for cheeks and lips.

Compact Neo Nude Fusion Powder Neo Nude Fusion Powder

powder is not typical powdery powder. Its innovative texture experts developed neither more nor less ten (!) years. A secret weightless as the cloud, powders consists in the new structure processed by means of so-called memory of water. In the course of production water from powder evaporates, and there is only a powdery texture. However at contact with the moisture which is contained in skin there is the return process: powder turns again into the gentle enveloping veil which merges with skin.

Means for a konturing of Neo Nude A-Contour

If you from those who are afraid to go too far in the bronzing means (not to look as Donatella Versace) then to you has to pay attention to liquid means for A-Contour konturirovaniye. The water-based formula allows to put easily a product and to shade it fingers, without use of various brushes. The novelty left in two cold brown shades (any yellowness!).

Neo Nude A-Blush

Blush Is similar to A-Contour, A-Blush has a water basis and instantly merges with skin, softening and humidifying it and also at the same time adding shine, just as at Cate Blanchett on a premiere of the film of "8 girlfriends of Ouchene" in London. In a palette five shades - from light to dark pink, including bright orange (our darling). with

the Highlighter of Neo Nude A-Highlight

the highlighter of a light pink or gentle shade of color of champagne Slightly will help to emphasize skin shine (makeup artists of brand advise to mix it with peach blush to receive warmer shade). Means is really multipurpose: it can safely be applied on eyelids - the fashionable effect of gym skin will be gained. By the way, means for a konturing can be used for a make-up of eyes too - will emphasize look depth.

Balm for lips of Ectasy Balm

In its structure - oil of capers with antioxidant properties which is responsible for moistening and nutrition. Balm adds to lips gloss and at the same time looks after them during the day.

Means is presented in three natural shades: light pink, saturated pink and plum. In structure - nutritious oils of capers, a kotor



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