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Vyacheslav Shevchuk: "Shevchenko thinks of the future of the national team, trusting young players"

The former defender of Shakhtar, the famous expert Vyacheslav Shevchuk has commented on two starting victories of the national team of Ukraine in a group stage of the League of Nations over Czech Republic national team (2:1) and Slovakian national team (1:0).

- Vyacheslav, in your opinion, is possible - whether to call matches with the Czech Republic and Slovakia the best two-masted session for present coaching staff of combined Ukraine?

- Without a doubt, of course is possible. I consider that our national team has played matches with the Czech Republic and Slovakia at rather high level. Of course, there are still moments in which it is necessary to add, but the team develops and it is possible to tell with confidence that it on the right track.

From the first day of work of Andrey Shevchenko on a post of the head coach of the national team of Ukraine was clear in what direction work will be conducted. In two years the coaching staff has never receded from the chosen direction of development and it is necessary to recognize that the national team progresses. The frame of team, the next reserve is defined and practically all children grow in the professional plan together with team. In my opinion, this national team has good prospects.

- hasn't arisen at you feeling that in matches of the League of Nations in a game of our national team excessive control of a ball without advance has disappeared forward? The team became more aimed at the rival's gate, and the attacking actions by more harmonious?

- Yes, children effectively worked in the attack, created many scoring chances. I assume that somewhat it can be connected with completion of process of adaptation of Marlos. This is very important football player in game structure of our team, he has considerably expanded a tactical arsenal of the national team. Earlier national team was more predictable. By and large all game ahead was under construction through individual actions of two vinger - Evgeny Konoplyanki and Andrey Yarmolenko. Марлос has added the national team of Ukraine of unpredictability. And not only >
In both matches very well came for replacement Zinchenko and Tsygankov. These young people seriously strengthened a game and their contribution to victories is rather big. Ruslan Malinovsky who has also strengthened has perfectly revealed and I diversified a game in the middle of the field. We had had a set of options of conducting a game in the attack. Also the increased competition for the place in the main structure pleases.

- Judging by resistance level, the main competitor of team of Andrey Shevchenko will be Slovakian national team?

- Is hard to say, how on me if the national team of Ukraine shows further the same level of a game, then hardly someone will compete. Of course, with Slovakia the match was heavier and the rival has managed to show more worthy resistance, but Ukraine has deserved a victory. In my opinion, the level of the national team of Ukraine is higher than at opponents.

If to come back to a match with Slovakia, then for them it was the first match of a tournament, then, as our children were restored after the heavy match in the Czech Republic. Besides a game took place without fans that has a little equaled chances of teams. Nevertheless, "blue-yellow" have managed to play the rival again having shown character.

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