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Voters are kinder in the summer: the journalist called the reasons for which he Bank wants to transfer elections

To transfer elections, Petro Poroshenko's environment will lean on available, according to them, a disagreement in the text of the Constitution.

In Administration of the President of Ukraine expects to postpone elections of the head of state from spring for summer of 2019. For the power, as manager of an administrative resource, sense in it obvious.

has reported about it the journalist Sergey Rakhmanin, ZN.UA tells.

"First, the is lower an appearance, the it is simpler to manipulate results of vote, the it is more than scope for jugglings. And during holidays, vacation and an other vacation attendance of polling precincts decreases naturally. Secondly, the youth belonging to the least disciplined electoral groups fulfills the duty especially reluctantly in the summer. And voters 18, by tradition, aren't inclined to favor authorities in power. Thirdly don't laugh), presidential technologists seriously consider that voters are kinder in the summer, than in the early spring forgive to the power of a mistake easier", - he has noted.

according to him, the possible plan of AP leans on the disagreement which is present at the text of the Constitution: "Part one establishes 103 articles of the basic law to

: the president is elected for a period of five years. Part fifth of the same article determines by date of regular presidential elections "the last Sunday of March of the fifth year of powers of the president". And, at last, part one of article 104 explains that presidential powers are reckoned from the moment of adoption of the oath", - Rakhmanin has written.

at the same time it has added that, considering date of the oath of Petro Poroshenko on June 7, 2014, can say that his powers expire on June 7, 2019 and to demand transfer of elections.



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