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Vorskla has conceded to Karabakh in the 4th tour of the Europa League

On Thursday, November 8, Vorskla with the score 0:1 has conceded in Poltava to Azerbaijani Karabakh.

the Only goal in this game has been scored at the beginning of the first half. After a mistake in protection the goalkeeper of Vorskla Bogdan Shust had to foul against the forward of Karabakh.

penalty kick was accurately realized by Araz Abdullaev - 0:1. Vorskla hasn't managed to answer with something serious in the attack, any more guests had no moments and.

at the beginning of the second half Abdella Zubir could double the account in a duel, but hasn't got to gate from advantageous position.

In the 65th minute fans of the Poltava team have begun to shoot petards and to burn down flares then haven't sustained nerves at the Swiss judge Sandro Scerer who for 10 minutes has removed teams from the field. It should be noted that special smoke of the field wasn't noticeable.

After renewal of a match Vorskla with great difficulty reached the penalty area of guests and blows in a goal mouth wasn't. In the 92nd minute the most real moment in a duel Vyacheslav Sharpar who after giving angular has punched the head directly in the goalkeeper of Karabakh had


In the last minutes of a duel "green-white" have gone for storm of gate of Azerbaijanians. Again there was a moment in Sharpar who hasn't managed to transport a ball to gate after Vladislav Kulach's blow.

B other match of group E Arsenal in London hasn't managed to change the Portuguese Sporting - a draw 0:0. After 4 rounds Arsenal with 10 points heads group. In Sporting seven points. Vorskla and Karabakh have three points.

In the next tour of the Europa League Vorskla of the house will play with Arsenal.



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