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Volunteers have declassified an arrangement of the Russian mercenaries from PMC Vagnera (PHOTO)

The Russian mercenaries from PMC Vagnera in Syria use suburbs of gas processing plant of the Hayan Petroleum company as the place of permanent deployment.

report about it volunteers of the international prospecting community InformNapalm.

media have published on September 5 data of the Russian mercenary Apostle Vladislav Ivanovich, signal "Wolf", the citizen of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Moldova. He was in the structure of the Russian group which tried to storm CONOCO gas processing plant on February 7, 2018 and has died from high-precision attack of aircraft and UAVs of the U.S. Air Force.

Volunteers have paid attention to one of personal photos of Vladislav Apostol.

Judging by the decorated and watered New Year tree, it is possible to assume that the photo is made at the beginning of January, approximately, a month before death of the mercenary.

At a background are visible pipes and tanks of the oil and gas plant. Volunteers have carried out geopositioning and have established the place of shooting - it is the northwest party of gas processing plant of the Hayan Petroleum Company.

Is interesting that earlier, in the territory of this plant one more group of "vagnerovets" together with the famous Russian mercenary neo-Nazi Alexey Milchakov who was involved also in war on Donbass on the side of the Russian troops has been recorded. Besides, before the main building of the plant the monument to mercenaries of PMC Vagnera is established. by

Besides, on July 8, 2018 near this plant against the background of the construction equipment Russian Evgeny Shapovalov has made a photo. He has placed the picture in a photo album under the name "work".



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