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Volkswagen will start a karshering in Berlin in 2019

Volkswagen AG (VW) intends to start in Berlin karshering-service with the park of electric vehicles in 2019. The We Share service will begin to work in Berlin in the second quarter 2019, and since 2020 will open in other cities of Europe and North America, it is said in the statement of VW.

At the first stage the park of karsheringovy service will consist of 1,5 thousand Golf models with the electric motor and 500 e-up cars!. Since 2020 the first cars of the park will be replaced with new electric vehicles of the I.D family.

are sure Of board of VW that Berlin is the ideal market for a karshering, considering the city size, density of his population, potential. The DriveNow and Car2Go services from other German car makers - Daimler AG and BMW AG will become competitors of We Share in Berlin.

the Management of VW plans acquisition of assets within the program of development of the digital directions of business for which it is planned to spend 3,5 billion euros.

As was reported earlier, the karshering is called one of tendencies which will change the market of a car. The Karshering is a service of lease of the car on a short period with constant payment. The essence of service consists in the following - if you need the car, you take him in the closest point of rent, you use in the purposes and you return in any other point of rent. It is similar to the system of lease of bicycles when it is possible to leave two-wheeled "friend" on any cycle parking.

According to forecasts by 2020 in Europe will be already 15 million users of "karshering", and the quantity of available cars will reach 240 thousand. Predict also that because of growth of popularity of sharing of a car the number of buyers of cars and the dealer points will decrease.

Other German producer Daimler has promised that by 2022 it will offer completely electric versions of all Mercedes-Benz cars. Nevertheless, became VW the first large car maker who has declared release of electric vehicles for the mass market.



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