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Volcker: To the Russian vessels access to the European ports can be closed

The special representative of the USA to Ukraine Curt Volcker demanded from Russia to release the Ukrainian seamen captured in the Kerch Strait at the end of November till Christmas or New year. Volcker declared

it in a conversation with Voice of America, having explained that the USA and their western allies consider a number of options not to allow new manifestations of "unilateral control" of Russia in the general waters of the Sea of Azov. "We do not accept

and we will not agree with the annexation of the Crimea stated by Russia", - he told, having repeated a position which the USA took after the events in the Crimea in 2014. Having noted

that waters of the Sea of Azov are a subject of the bilateral agreement between Ukraine and Russia, Volcker told: "We do not agree that territorial waters around the Crimea are Russian. They are Ukrainian. Therefore we do not agree that the Kerch Strait is completely Russian. We consider that it is about joint sovereignty".

according to Volcker, actions of Russia during confrontation on November 25 when she fired and finally seized three Ukrainian warships which tried to pass from the Black Sea in Azov through the Kerch Strait, are "obvious violation of international law and violation of the bilateral agreement with Ukraine".

It told that the USA insists on that Russia returned the ships and 24 Ukrainian servicemen and agents of investigation arrested by the Russian intelligence agencies.

It also noted that the European allies of the USA can forbid the Russian vessels arriving from the Crimea or the Sea of Azov, to come into the European ports. According to him, such offer was made by Annegret Crump-Karrenbauer recently - the secretary general of the ruling Christian Democratic Union of Germany who can become the successor of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

"Is very strong and very original step, - Volcker told Voice of America. - Let's look whether they will go to it".

It told that the USA wants acceptance of such measures to put pressure upon Russia and "to come by such moment when Russia wishes to hold negotiations for development of the decision".

Other possible measure, Volcker told, disconnection of the Russian banks from the international banking network SWIFT which is regulated by laws of Belgium is and accelerates the international transactions, sending payment orders to financial institutions in the different countries.

"People call it a "nuclear" option, - Volcker told. - It will lead to costs for all participants. To big costs for Russia, but also to big costs for allies. Finally, we have to keep a possibility of such option because we cannot watch further how Russia takes new aggressive steps concerning neighbors, such as this", - he told.

according to Volcker, the actions in Ukraine Russia wants to influence elections in this country which will take place in March, 2019.

the Special representative of the USA warned that for Russia "it would be extremely reckless" to go N



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