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Volcker has told why the option of the Russian Federation on peacekeepers on Donbass is unacceptable

The position of Russia is very far deciding to enter the real UN peacekeeping mission to Donbass which would ensure the peace and an order in the region.

has stated Such assessment on Thursday during the telephone conference the special representative of the USA in negotiations on questions of Ukraine Curt Volcker, Ukrinform reports. "During the summer and in an early autumn I exchanged

letters with my Russian colleague mister Surkov to be convinced whether there was an advance of a position of the Russian Federation (on peacekeepers - ред). His answers indicate that Russia remains very far from agreeing now in the real UN peacekeeping mission", - the American diplomat has told.

It has added that the Russian Federation agrees to introduction of forces of the UN for protection only of monitoring mission of OSCE, but not for the purpose of safety in all region and creation of the safe environment.

according to Volcker, a position of Moscow are to leave the armed groups and political educations supported by the Russian Federation on places.

"These conditions don't correspond to the Minsk Agreement which neither Ukraine, nor any of our partners - France, Germany and others - can't support. Thus, we don't see in it a viable way forward", - the American diplomat has emphasized.

At the same time he has hoped for continuation of negotiations in this question. "We consider by

dialogue important", - Volcker has told.

the Representative of the USA is also convinced that the current aggression in the east of Ukraine costs Russia "very much", and besides it has distanced Ukraine from the Russian Federation in civilized measurement.

"I don't think that it corresponds to someone's interests - definitely not to the interests of Russia. The price of lives in this conflict, financial expenses, losses from sanctions as we see today, harm Russia", - he has emphasized.

Volcker has hoped that Moscow will begin to look for the real solution. "And we are ready to work with

together with Russia to find it", - the special representative of the USA has added.



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