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Vladislav Vashchuk: "The chance will be if Dynamo scores a fast goal"

Ajax - Dynamo has shared opinion on the first match of the playoffs of the Champions League the former defender of Kiev residents and the national team of Ukraine Vladislav Vashchuk.

- Before a match Alexander Khatskevich has told that Dynamo will play on the strong qualities. It hasn't turned out. Why?

- As the game has shown, strong qualities are standards. When from corner kick Kiev residents have scored the first goal, and, unfortunately, - only, it was visible that it played enough, probably before a game at trainings. The similar combination was later at which Dynamo members could score also the second goal. But the fast goal scored by Dutches has changed plans in a game of Dynamo.

- What has managed to oppose Ajax to the opponents?

- Ajax played the soccer, at the expense of a short pass. Tried to give accurately a pass each other, have taken a ball under control. Dutches and interesting have shown nothing of that kind difficult. Just skillfully used our mistakes. When to us scored the second goal, to Kadar if you aren't sure, it wasn't necessary to hold up the head under the ball flying to gate. As a result - a ricochet and a goal. Plus, have lost selection of a ball near the penalty area. In a match Kiev residents often lost selections. And who wins selections of a ball, that owns advantage, and escalates a situation near the rival's gate, what we also saw. Owners also often used pressure, forcing Dynamo members to lose a ball. By the end of the game Ajax looked is fresher, is more creative that speaks about their good physical readiness to conduct all match at high speeds.

- When to us scored the first and third goal, the wrong arrangement between defenders was looked through. What tell on this subject?

- At the first passed ball when transfer to penalty area has gone, two central defenders Burd and Kadar have sat down too low. There was no accurate interaction between them. In this gap transfer on the forward who has accepted a ball has also followed, standing to gate a back. After that two contacts player have rolled away a ball to the partner who has scored a goal. To inadmissibly allow the forward to do two contacts. Here to you first mistake. And at the third ball there was also Kendzera and Kadar's wrong arrangement. Again mudflows low, than Tadic who between them has jumped out has also used, and in one contact after a lumbago I have scored a goal. Here to you and second mistake.

- whether At the score 3:1 is at Dynamo chance to come out the winner in two-masted opposition?

- Will be chance if Dynamo scores a fast goal. But also it will be not enough. It is necessary to create pressure upon the rival during all game. We will wish to our team of good luck.

Sergey Shebek



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