Date: 5 months ago   Category: Politics

Vladimir Zhirinovsky offended and beat Navalny's supporters

The LDPR leader has attended an unauthorized action of supporters of the oppositional blogger Alexei Navalny at Pushkin Square in Moscow today.

Protesters, having seen Zhirinovsky, have begun to chant: "Clown!", "Freak!", "Shame!", "Leave!". The politician has returned the favor.

"Who wants here that I have left!", - Zhirinovsky has cried and I have rushed to crowd. Shouting he hasn't found, that has hurried to escape.

Zhirinovsky in search of the following victim has rushed to steps from a monument to Pushkin with shout "Where has gone, the rascal". But also the second protester has hurried to get away. Vladimir Volfovich wanted to kick him in a back, but the leg bultykhnutsya in air and from her the boot has flown.

So far protection put on Zhirinovsky, there was a daredevil who didn't begin to run away, having called the politician "shit". He had to regret about it. the LDPR leader cut

to him on the person, and then has filled up on the earth and by means of protection began to break hands.

"Lie, the rascal, now "ambulance" will approach, in mental hospital you will lie", - Zhirinovsky has growled, and security guards called the offender "Banderovite". Having left to

the prostrate opponent on the earth, the politician has continued to make the way through crowd, threatening to cause "10 thousand of a natsgravdiya".

"I to you not Putin, I for three years will put all of you. The rascal is Poroshenko, but not Putin. You were brought by provokers, they have taken money, and will send all of you to prison", - the LDPR leader shouted and shook finger at protesters. "That have you made

for Russia and Ukraine?", - someone from crowd has addressed the deputy.

"For Ukraine - anything, I am also not going to do", - Zhirinovsky has answered.

after that it probably has begun to suspect protesters of the Ukrainian origin and began to demand from them the passport. However nobody has shown documents to him.

Having broken through to the Tverskaya, the politician has plunged absolutely into other crowd: in Moscow there were festivities on the occasion of a City Day. Zhirinovsky had to sustain a selfie series with enthusiastic ladies, his car hasn't approached yet.




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