Date: 3 months ago   Category: Incidents

Vladimir Kaltsev has invited supporters of shopping center to a meeting under the mayor's office

The politician calls citizens "to show force".

the Zaporizhia deputy and the businessman Vladimir Kaltsev in the open letter has addressed Zaporozhetses with a reciprocal position on an occasion of construction of Sovremenny gorod shopping Center, having called supporters on a peaceful meeting:

"I invite all supporters of the Modern Downtown project to a peaceful meeting which will take place on August 29, on Wednesday, at 10:00 near the Zaporizhia city council. from the moment of the beginning of construction of shopping center and the park the group of extremists systematically prevents

work on a building site, manipulates public opinion, speculates on an ecological perspective, significant for the city, exploits patriotically adjusted residents for achievement of the political goals.

their methods of "political" fight are known: emotional blackmail, intimidation, public humiliations and insults, riots and physical abuse. Today they, using a situation with construction of shopping center, "nightmarize" the professional, respected by fellow citizens mayor Buryak and city council to destabilize a situation and to reach to the power in the city. If we allow it - tomorrow they will come to your office, to your plant, to you home!!!!

When economically illiterate, socially irresponsible, incapable of creation, but having political ambitions extremists light torches and urge people to break and select - to think that this casual event and all somehow by itself will be settled just recklessly.

to block for them an opportunity in Zaporizhia to be covered with opinion of citizens, I suggest once to gather together and to show our force.

Ya I address workers and engineers and technicians of our nice plants which a hard work have deserved the right for worthy life. I address students and youth who want to spend interestingly and substantially leisure-time. I see doctors, teachers, public servants, employees of services industry who have to always fashionably and to look stylish because their appearance is a part of professional competence. I address people of the senior generation and parents who want that their children and grandsons lived in the hometown.

For all of you, dear fellow countrymen, I build the largest in the Southeast of Ukraine shopping center and the beautiful park. I build there where it will be convenient to all of you to reach. I build so that it was beautiful and modern!

This project now the most important issue of my life. I address all who as well as I, haven't lost faith in our city yet: you come to a peaceful meeting and support me.

Protect the mayor Vladimir Buryak and deputies of city council who take an honest and principled position in relation to the project from groundless charges. Defend the Modern Downtown project, it is sure that it will become the engine of development of Zaporizhia. Protect the future of our hometown!"



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