Date: 2 months ago   Category: Hi-Tech

VKontakte opened advertizing hundred-copes with CTA buttons for all advertisers

Announcements of a new format look as common stories, but are shown with a mark "Advertising".

of VKontakte started advertizing in stories with CTA buttons. For announcements of a new format the same settings of targeting, as for advertizing signing up and text and graphic blocks in social networks will be applicable. Told about this Cossa in VKontakte.

Advertising stories look as well as usual. They are shown on behalf of community advertiser with a mark "Advertising" in Vkontakte applications for iOS and Android and will appear in the desktop version of the website soon. At the same time in the general list of stories of friends they are not displayed.

can load up to three frames Into one announcement - a photo or video. On each of them it is possible to add the button with an appeal to action and to specify the reference to the website or the publication of VKontakte: record, form of collecting applications or article.

Quantity of advertizing stories which will be seen by the user will depend on that at how many usual hundred-copes he looked in a row. VKontakte consider that so advertizing will not be persuasive and will not cause rejection in the audience. the Director of an advertizing product and advertizing monetization of VKontakte Irina Rumyantseva notes

: "New announcements occupy 100% of the screen of the smartphone, so draw more attention. It is important to remember it and to create creatives which will organically involve users in communication, but not to cause desire to interrupt viewing". Experience of advertisers Advertising in stories was already tested by several advertisers who shared results of placement.

So, Herman Yermolaev, the managing partner of the SMMashing Media smm-agency, notes: "The new format of advertizing received an excellent response of audience - users do not expect to meet her in a tape of stories and, having seen a post, do not perceive it as advertizing therefore they pay it the maximum attention". According to him, at promotion of the mobile application of Dodo Pizza through hundred-copes in VKontakte of cliques according to the announcement cost 5.2?, what is 74% cheaper, than at promopost and roundabouts with the same advertizing offer. Meanwhile the cost of installation was 12 times lower - 13.3?. And in comparison from hundred-copes in Instagram, installation of the application in VKontakte cost cheaper by 11 times. "We use this format in a combination with "Collecting applications", and we conduct the main traffic on a form of applications. So we do not overload the user with information, but we provide it in sufficient volume for primary interest a product", - he added.

In more detail about a new advertizing format can be read in community "VKontakte for Business". we Will remind

, in December, 2018 VKontakte allowed advertizing of external platforms in a news feed without binding to communities.



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