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ViewSonic has released the interactive display for educational audiences - S IFP2710

The Viewsonic corporation, the supplier of products for visual representation of information, declares release of the interactive ViewBoard S IFP2710 display for educational audiences.

Is the decision turns the educational environment of a traditional class into modern interactive space for training. When holding a lecture in audience, or at the presentation in the hall for conferences, modern solutions of display of information have various shortcomings, such as need to turn a back to audience, a shadow on the screen and the insufficient accuracy of touch input. Thanks to the interactive solution of ViewBoard S it is possible to use a revolutionary way of teaching and training. The presentation "facing audience", a scalable projection, the exact and effective touch interface, simple installation - all this allows teachers and lecturers to comment on content, to do notes or to perform any operations on the display, at the same time projecting them on the big screen.

"We want to propose to educational institutions the most modern technical solutions which will allow to modify training process, to make him more creative. Integrating modern interactive decisions into educational process, we allow teachers will be exempted from the available restrictions and to give them the chance to look at training from a different angle, - Alexander Frolov, the manager on production of representative office of Viewsonic in the CIS countries has told. - Thanks to transition from traditional training to training "facing audience", from obtaining information to exchange of her, we intend to bring education to new level".

of ViewBoard S IFP2710 where S means Switch (switching), is a new approach to education. ViewBoard S IFP2710 allows to switch from standard lessons and tasks for interactive, allowing the teacher to stand facing audience and to comment on slides or other content on the screen. Besides, it gives to the leader the chance to completely control the presentation and at the same time to support interaction and visual contact with audience, involving it in training process.

the Solution of ViewBoard S IFP2710 gives to the teacher the chance to switch:

- from a traditional form of the presentation on interactive, facing audience.

- from individual work in a class on group.

- from one screen on the complex interactive decision.

the Interactive ViewBoard S IFP2710 display - allows to create the complex decision combining the interactive display, a projector and the latest software for a digital board of myViewBoard. He provides multitouch functions with recognition of contact in 10 points, tools for the summary and support of gestures of Windows for intuitive management process. Just connect a projector or the bolsheformatny display by means of the LAN cable on HDBT technology or the HDMI cable, and the notes made by you will be instantly projected on the big screen. This decision fixes widespread problems of touch projection, t



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