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Victor Medvedchuk: Ukraine is in a waterway of external management of the USA, it is tariff genocide and debt bondage

The last steps of the Ukrainian State in the power sphere demonstrate that she not only acts in a waterway of external management of the USA, strictly executing all requirements of the curators, but also works for realization of economic interests of the United States
About what increase in tariffs for gas where purchase of the Russian gas through Slovakia, Hungary and Poland and also plans concerning acquisition of the liquefied American gas on the Polish terminals will give Ukraine will turn back for domestic economy, in the 60 minutes program on Russia-1 TV channel the chairman of Political council of For Life party Victor Medvedchuk told.

according to the politician in the gas sphere today's leadership of Ukraine has no dilemma, and there is only a unilateral choice: as the USA established external management in the country, official Kiev strictly executes everything that proceeds from Washington or its representatives.

So, arrival and a speech of the United States Secretary of Energy Rick Perry, the Ukrainian power is perceived as policy of instructions and realization, the chairman of Political council of For Life party is sure.

"It concerns also the pennsylvanian coal which is bought today at the level of 30% of all import which is bought by Ukraine. It concerns purchase of engines of the United States of America today. Ukraine is already declined to that it in the future after terminals in Poland are constructed, bought liquefied gas and traded as mister Perry said, in the whole Europe and by that supplied Ukraine. Similar things are not what other as lobbying of economic interests of the United States of America that, maybe, for the States and is good, but for Ukraine it is a measure of negative character and it is extremely unacceptable. Because the same liquefied gas is more expensive somewhere half from liquefied gas which is delivered to Ukraine today at the level of 27-28% of all liquefied gas which is consumed at us from Russia and another 34% from Belarus. This gas will be one and a half-two times cheaper, than liquefied gas via future terminals in Poland from the United States of America", - Victor Medvedchuk explained.

As for heating and gas price for the population after its last increase since November 1, 2018, since January 1, 2014 gas prices for the population grew by 1080% today, the chairman of Political council of For Life party emphasized.

"Ponder, 1080%! The prices of heating grew by 1031%, and the prices of hot water? on 470. And on heating and on hot water are without gas price which works since November 1 and which is increased by 23.5%. When we see this price increase, what happens on streets, and the fact that we showed as shots from Dnipropetrovsk today, Cherkassk and with Khmelnytskyi areas, is natural, natural reaction to what occurs", - V. Medvedchuk considers.

at the same time if population debts on payment of housing and communal services in 2014 were at the level of 12 billion hryvnias, then today they already make 38 billion gra



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