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Vibrioz: as crude oysters began to kill people who eat them

Take care of the health!

Molluscs - refined cuisine? Carefully, they are carriers of a fatal disease!

the Group of scientists from Italy and the USA investigated communication of bacteria of a sort vibrioes (Vibrio) with a temperature of sea water and also their influence on death rate of people, writes.

of the Bacterium of this type in people lead to a gastroenteritis, cholera, sepsis, meningitis and encephalitis.

Having compared contents in plankton of bacteria to growth of water temperature (on 1.5 °C for the last 54 years), scientists found out that increase in water temperature in the World Ocean creates a favorable environment for bacteria.

the Source of bacteria, besides the polluted water, are the organisms poisoned with it.

But if to catch from fishes or shrimps - is difficult. That mollusks - first of all, oysters - are the main responsible for infection of the person vibriozy.

by data for 2014, in the USA 7 of 10 patients who came to hospitals with the similar diagnosis ached after the use of mollusks.

In some countries already forbade the use of mollusks because of infection of a human body with toxins.

A you love seafood?

Marta Oliynik.



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