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Vettel: I thought that I will be able to avoid contact with a barrier

In the second training in Monza Sebastian Vettel has shown the best time, but closer to the end of the vyletea session from the route in Parabolica - and recognized a mistake...

Question: Difficult day: the morning session has taken place on wet track, and after a lunch you have damaged the car, having taken off for Parabolica...

Sebastian Vettel: Today was only gradually. In the morning I have managed to work on the route a little, but in the afternoon everything has passed well, apart from this incident. I not quite accept balance, but we hope to correct it by Saturday. However, the car effectively works. We will look what weather waits for us tomorrow morning.

Question: What for a problem has arisen in the first session?

Sebastian Vettel: There was a small malfunction in the morning, and we had to check everything. It is good that it was succeeded to work in the second training. However, I have wasted a little time because of a departure from the route - I have just overdone.

Question: Kimi has said that the car will allow to fight for a victory. Do you agree?

Sebastian Vettel: It seems that now he knows more me. It is difficult to me to judge. We will look. As I have told, today the car not bad worked, but I am happy not with everything yet.

Question: Despite problems, you managed to estimate car potential?

Sebastian Vettel: In principle yes, but I consider that we are capable of bigger.

Question: Possibly, you tried to understand her opportunities before have flown off the track...

Sebastian Vettel: And I have found out it!

the Question (laughs): You are happy in the first afternoon of work on the route?

Sebastian Vettel: Perhaps and. In my opinion, the car is capable on bigger, and tomorrow it is important to prove it. If it is going to rain - ok if isn't present - us it arranges too. We will make everything that we planned, and then we will look.

Question: What has occurred in Parabolica?

Sebastian Vettel: I have tried something, but it hasn't turned out. It was useful experience.

Question: As a result a little gravel has got to a cockpit?

Sebastian Vettel: Yes. I thought that I will be able to avoid contact with a barrier, but a little he has touched and has damaged a face plate of a back rear wing. She had to be replaced, but for the rest everything is all right. At least, I have independently returned on the route and could continue a session.

Question: At the beginning of the second training Markus Eriksson has had a serious accident - the car has several times turned over in air. According to preliminary information, there were malfunctions with DRS. What do you think of it?

Sebastian Vettel: I don't know what has occurred and why. I saw the same, as all others. In such situation you become a passenger at once. Fortunately, to him there was nothing serious.

Question: What do you think of car speed on a long series of circles in comparison with Mercedes?

Sebastian Vettel: It is difficult to me to judge. Because of a departure from the route I was beaten out from our schedule. I have not a lot of information. Now everything should be analysed.

Question: You are happy with behavior of tires SuperSoft?

Sebastian Vettel: We will look. I worked only with one set... In my opinion, п



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