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Very first, best-known, most successful record player

120 years to the German firm of sound recording Deutsche Grammophon were executed. It was really created by the inventor of a record player who managed to shame Thomas Edison.

Deutsche Grammophon, that is "The German record player" which became famous for the whole world for the records of classical music at all not accidentally received the name. The person who thought up a record player, - been born in Germany, in the Jewish family, and Emil Berliner emigrating at 19-year age to the USA was one of her creators.

the Record player resembled a phonograph in which creation the famous American inventor Edison was engaged. But records on a phonograph were bad quality, and the most important - they could not be duplicated. Emil Berliner developed new technology. The needle making a sound fluctuated horizontally, but not up-down, as at Edison. Therefore, unlike a phonograph, depth of a path remained identical. And, so Berliner plate sounded more purely and more loudly.

It was also more durable because Berliner replaced the cylindrical roller of Edison with the flat rotating disk. In a phonograph the foil on which record was kept needed to be unbent that led to damages, and the phonograph record reproduced on a record player (so Berliner called the child), and so was flat. The German inventor thought over also a way how to delete the shaving which is cut out at record by a needle while at Edison shaving stuck to a soundtrack therefore the sound was worse.

of Caruso shared glory
Berliner took out the patent for a record player in September, 1887. And on December 6, 1898 in Hanover Emil Berliner who moved to the USA and his brother Josef who remained in Germany registered Deutsche Grammophon which had to specialize in release of phonograph records. Experiments with records continued, and only in several years brothers found optimum material - shellac. Serial replication of phonograph records became more qualitative and cheaper. Their diameter was then about seven inches, and this oldest standard is designated as "7" or "minion" since then.

the Triumphal procession of a record player along the world and international recognition of Deutsche Grammophon began in 1902 after the famous Italian tenor Enrico Caruso wrote down ten arias on a plate. Record created a furor. One of newspaper critics enthusiastically wrote: "Obeys as if Caruso is in the neighboring room". Five years later in Hanover 200 pressing cars by which stamped phonograph records from printing matrixes already worked. 1913 the firm released

B the first full record of the orchestral work, namely - the Fifth symphony by Ludwig van Beethoven, performed by Berliner Philharmoniker. And, the plate was bilateral. By the way, invented a bilateral plate in 1903 in the German firm Odeon Records too. It was in east part of Berlin and stopped the existence after World War II.

the Fox terrier at граммоф



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