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Vakarchuk's participation in elections: the leader of OE has made the statement and has addressed "the presidential sector" on Olympic

On NSK Olympic on August 24 on the Independence Day a long-awaited concert of the Ocean Elzy
group this evening on the main arena of Ukraine was held about 100 thousand viewers have gathered. A concert lasted more than three hours and has ended after midnight. we Will note

, some experts assumed that this evening the leader of group Svyatoslav Vakarchuk will make the statement concerning the participation in an election of the president of Ukraine.

I political statements have really sounded.

So when on the screen Oleg Sentsov's portrait has appeared, the leader of OE has said: "This song we would like to devote

to the real patriots who were deprived by opportunities to celebrate the Independence Day here, with us. These are political prisoners! And we demand them to release! The Ukrainian prisoners have to be released! "

Also Vakarchuk has addressed the so-called presidential sector in which the VIP guests and the top officials of the country usually sit.

"In the presidential sector sit heroes of ATO now, and I very much am glad to it", - Vakarchuk admitted.

the Leader of OE has also emphasized that all changes in the country begin with that moment when everyone begins to act.

"When I was 19 years old, I dreamed to become a musician, but could never think that I will play at this 100th thousand stadium. The real changes begin with you when you very much want it. Think what changes we expect, they begin with each of us "

As for the main intrigue of evening - the official statement for participation or nonparticipation in an election of the president of Ukraine, her singer has decided to keep.

Warmed up such moods and the performer on the eve of the concert at which I have promised many surprises.

"Write about me very much and say that hardly people longed. On music, perhaps, longed. It absolutely another. I missed her too and looked forward this concert. We will surprise with much. Well, first of all, look at this remarkable stage which was done by the Ukrainian-Latvian team. There will be many surprises connected with this scene. We were lucky with weather and there will be no roof at all. That is we will be with stars", - Vakarchuk on the eve of the concert has told. we Will note

, one of the leading world news agencies Bloomberg has struck with the statement that Vakarchuk in the new song has hinted at participation in a presidential race recently.

"The Ukrainian rock star which, by results of polls, has chance to win presidential elections next year has released the song, hinting that it confirms old rumors about participation in a race for the highest office of the country", - it is told in the message.




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