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Vakarchuk goes on parliamentary elections: party program "Voice"

Svyatoslav Vakarchuk explains participation in parliamentary elections with need of the real changes which are demanded by Ukrainians. Now its Golos party is in process of registration, however already presented the main directions and priorities of the activity to Ukrainians.

to Destroy the internal enemy and to become strong before the external enemy - the leader of political force Svyatoslav Vakarchuk in the program insists on it. It is convinced by

that the old policy "weakens the state from within" while Russia undermines our safety and creates threat from the outside. Therefore Vakarchuk's team wants "to change rules of the game" in the Ukrainian policy. Golos and the President In the address the leader emphasizes: "the blind faith in the new President is an old policy" because "the new person on Bank is not enough". The party considers that "it is necessary to believe in the people, and the president has to be accountable to the people". "I will tell

to you so: if the President offers changes, we will support even big changes. If he forgets about the promises, we will force it to answer to voters. We need the real changes, but not their imitation", - Vakarchuk promises. Oligarchs Vakarchuk assured

that the party will not accept kopeks at oligarchs, and transparent business and ordinary Ukrainians will finance it.

the Old policy belonged to oligarchs. We do not take from oligarchs kopek, any candy. Oligarchs do not write and do not finance our scenarios. Nobody owns us,

- he convinces.

the Golossu Program In party note that the person - the supreme value around which it is necessary to unite society and the joint society has to create equal opportunities.

What is promised in Vakarchuk's party?

- new political culture and inclusive democracy - a basis of development of the country;

is maintaining territorial integrity of Ukraine and return of occupied territories;

- to support and guarantee irreversibility of the European way of development of the country;

- to enhance defense capability through support of strong army and entry into NATO. As Golos suggests to provide to

growth of economy: development of innovative economy and small and medium business, increase in labor productivity; modern formation and medicine, high standards of safety and ecology, fair provision of pensions and social help, equal opportunities of access to labor market; demonopolization and liberalization of the markets; economic integration with the EU and the global markets; gradual decrease in a share of the state in economy and considerable povysheniyeeffektivnost of public administration. Besides, among tasks - development of education and health care that "to increase human potential" and to keep the Ukrainian identity. Golos sees creation of equal rules for all and decrease in level of corruption in independence of a judicial branch of the power and restart of anti-corruption bodies.

the Party notes that it will work on"



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