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Vakarchuk called for revolution

The musician Svyatoslav Vakarchuk decided not to participate in presidential elections. According to him, the position of the guarantor does not interest him. In too time Vakarchuk is interested in changes in the country.

How it is going to influence development of the country - yet not especially clearly.

In an interview to the Left coast Vakarchuk told that his team and the action plan continue to be formed. By old tradition, the musician a reality did not pour, everything promises to tell over time. looked at an hour interview of the leader of the Ocean Elzy group and chose 10 of the deserving attention of remarks.

Why so long solved, whether to go to policy. "Took some time me to make the weighed and crucial decision concerning my further plans in policy. I made them and is very grateful that all people apprehended it... For this year I found more and more adherents and supporters. And the farther, the it became more obvious that these people - my hope and a support. And we form big and related team in ideals".

the Action plan is written. "In due time I will tell everything... When I am ready to call the action plan, I surely will make it. It in the course of development".

my task is revolution. "We need the third revolution, but revolution in the heads. And it is one of the biggest tasks which I see before myself. Revolution in the heads of politicians and voters".

About the surname in presidential ratings. "It seems to me, in 2014 not I came to policy, and the policy came to me. But it did not surprise me therefore I quietly looked at it. When you see support of people who see your opportunities something to make, you, clear, think of it".

Good afternoon, Akhmetov. "I at all never in life communicated with it personally, except "Kind day".

In December was on Bank. "He just asked (Poroshenko) what plans at me that I think of the country. He did not ask me whether I will stand... All the time of my meetings with the president (and it was much more of them, than one) occupied my desire to make so that something in the country changed for the better... Never had other purpose of these meetings, I have no and I will not have".

Zelensky has to participate in a debate. "I can tell about Zelenskom-politike very little. I hope that all candidates for president will pass these two months so that we could tell as much as possible about them as about politicians. For this purpose a necessary condition is a television debate of all candidates".

the Verkhovna Rada became better. "When there were I, there were units of those people whom I can call people of the future, people with other principles. Today there such already tens. By different calculations - 30-40 people... I hope, in the following parliament of such people will become even more and at some point these people not just will begin to shout loudly of a problem, and will take the responsibility".

needs to change the law on elections. "We have to change right now electoral laws that parliamentary elections прошл



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