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Vaad of Ukraine urges to honor memory of the victims of terrorist attack in Pittsburgh

Dear friends, colleagues, tribespeople, Jews of Eurasia!

last Saturday the whole world has been shocked by the terrible tragedy in Pittsburgh when the neo-Nazi and anti-semite Robert Bouers has shot 11 people in a synagogue of "Ets Haim" and has wounded six more.

the U.S. President Donald Trump has disposed to lower a little in honor of memory of the victims flags over the White House. Heads of states of many countries of the world, including the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko have expressed condolences.

the American Jewish committee has urged all Jews of the world to come to this Sabbath - on November 3 - to morning service in synagogues of the cities, having expressed solidarity with the family of the victims of the tragedy.

the Kiev office of the Euroasian Jewish congress joins this action and asks you not to remain indifferent. We wait for you this Saturday from 09:00 till 11:30 in all synagogues of Eurasia.

Iosif Zisels,

the Chairman of the Program commission of EAEK

Soprezident Vaada of Ukraine
Lyudmila Braginskaya,

Director of the EAEK

programs Board members of EAEK from Ukraine:

Semyon Belman, Mikhail Gold, river Alexander Dukhovny, Leonid Finberg, Evgeny Ziskind.



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