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UPL. The 18th tour. Carpathians - Dynamo - 0:4. Report on a match

In a penultimate match of year Alexander Khatskevich's team beat the rival, considerably having added in the 2nd time.

of Dynamo long did not harness and created the first goal chance in the 5th minute of a meeting when Besedin lacked several seconds to manage to close a lumbago at the left.

Carpathians were not frightened, and too had great chance in the 14th minute when very strongly after the won selection Karraskal - higher than gate punched. In two minutes it is also strong and inexact punched already Myakushko.

the First goal happened in the 28th minute. Fedetsky far from gate laid on Besedin's lawn, Tsygankov approached a ball and unexpectedly for all punched - the ball got into the head of one of defenders and fell to the left nine of gate of owners! Carpathians right there answered with the dangerous moment, however Kiev residents were helped out by Boyko. In general the first half and finished badly rivals on counter courses. Kiev residents noticeably added

In the second half in speeds and in the 49th minute organized the second goal - Tsygankov caused a stir again. Fortunately, Carpathians were not given also here, and further at both teams there were regularly dangerous moments. It seemed that in the last 10 minutes rivals are already adjusted to finish, however in the 89th minute Shaparenko a little unexpectedly brought the account to devastating. "Lions" tried to snap, but in exchange received the 4th goal in the gate - Tsygankov hammered again!

of Dynamo scores 38 points and finishes the first part of UPL on a major note. White-blue go to winter on the 2nd line of the championship, however, if Alexandria wins on December 9 against Lviv, then will be able to displace Kiev residents on the 3rd place.

UPL Championship. The 18th tour. Carpathians - "Dynamo - 0: 4 (0: 1)

08.12.2018. Lviv, Ukraine stadium. 2756 viewers
Carpathians: Kuchinsky, Fedetsky, Guye, Klets, Megremich, Erbes (Pond, 70), Myakushko (Miroshnichenko, 58), Di Franco, Karraskal, Gutsulyak, Swede (Lebedenko, 58)

of Dynamo: Boyko, Kendzera, Wish-wash, Kadar, Mikolenko, Shepelev (Andrievsky, 90 2), Sidorchuk (k), Verbich, Tsygankov, Shaparenko, Besedin (Duelund, 89)

Goals: Tsygankov (28, 49, 90 1), Shaparenko (89)

Are warned: Erbes (3), Megremich (26), Guye (54), Gutsulyak (56), Di Franco (75) - Besedin (15), Shaparenko (30), Shepelev (37), Verbich (60)



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