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Up to 3 years children can sleep with mothers is? it is useful for their hearts?

Evolutionary value of a joint dream.

When it comes to education, everyone has own opinion, Expand Your Consciousness writes. And it is natural, especially if you are a parent. But how about disputable subjects? Whether there is the correct or wrong way to raise the children? What can be done and that it is impossible?

Is the moments, the general for all. And here new council from pediatricians: children have to sleep in a bed with the mothers before achievement of three-year age by them.

Doctor Nils Bergman from the University of Cape Town, South Africa, says that the separate dream complicates communication between mother and the child and causes damage to development of his brain that in the future results in bad behavior.

It contradicts earlier conducted researches in which it was claimed that the joint dream leads to sudden infantile mortality. But now scientists claim that at sudden infantile mortality other reasons and that children should not sleep alone. Babies are threatened by toxic vapors of alcohol, cigarettes, big pillows and dangerous toys, but not presence of mother.

the Dream alone causes a stress in the child, and the changes in a brain caused by stressful hormones can complicate formation of the relations in the future.

Donald Woods Vinnikot, Stanislav Grof and still many experts in the field of transpersonal psychology convincingly prove that the newborn child endures really drama experience, losing touch with mother. The maternal smell, heart beat allow the child to feel its proximity and to sleep peacefully at night. in general it is important to

to remember that parents can follow the recommendations of the leading researches and pediatricians of the world, but also it is obligatory to consider features of the unique child as all children different.

A what do you think of a joint dream?

of Fia Mont.



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