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Unique Porsche Project Gold can't be used on public roads

At an autofestival in Pebbl-Bich the Porsche company has presented absolutely new generation of the 993rd model executed in version 911 Turbo and which has received the name Project Gold. It is unlikely words can describe as far as this expected event, but, unfortunately, it is impossible to register this car in the majority of the countries.

the Head of sales department and marketing of Porsche Classic Philip Salm has told that though the car actually is car 2018 model years, the body of model has been taken from unique 911 Turbo that is already a problem for certification.

the Second nuance as the car 2018 of model year, he has to respect the existing environmental standards on emission of harmful substances in the atmosphere and noise pollution, but it it is absolutely impossible to make, using the classical 6-cylinder engine with air cooling installed on Project Gold.

However, not worldwide such strict ecological requirements to cars, and according to the western press, one businessman from Saudi Arabia was already interested whether he will have an opportunity to register this car for use.

In the design plan of Project Gold goes from the Turbo S Exclusive Porsche 911 series, having the same gold color and a number of gold accents in salon. The car is equipped with the 3,6-liter 6-cylinder engine with the turbo-supercharging giving power in 450 horsepowers. we Will remind

that Project Gold is constructed in the single copy, and it will be sold at Sotheby's auction on October 27 devoted to the 70 anniversary of brand of Porsche.




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