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Under Rada on the stock of Avtoyevrosila protesters have attacked the deputy

On the stock of Avtoyevrosila under parliament protesters have attacked the People's Deputy. He was thrown eggs.

About it transfers RBC Ukraine. we Will note

that the name of the people's deputy isn't disclosed. Participants of the action have reported about three detainees. However, after negotiations of detainees have released.

Owners of "eurometal plates" are dissatisfied with the law which was adopted today by the Verkhovna Rada for settlement of a situation with import of second-hand cars to Ukraine.

according to them, deputies have established too high price for legalization of the cars imported from abroad. Also they claim that their amendments to the law haven't been considered in final option.

One of organizers of an action has suggested to create the political movement on the basis of the Avtoyevrosila organization to advocate the interests of "blyakher" in parliament and other authorities.

However most of heads of cells of the organization in regions has refused this initiative, demanding active actions already today. The representative of "NPP" has said that local activists will block the route of the international Kiev-Moscow value in the nearest future.

of Deputies who left to look what occurs before parliament the crowd has met them by the obscene speech. protesters tried to return back

of Deputies which came to a lunch break, however they were accompanied by employees of police of special function.

the Situation before parliament intense. The building of the Verkhovna Rada is protected by several hundreds of fighters of National guard and members of spetsnaz. The building of parliament was surrounded to one thousand protesters. The traffic on the Grushevsky street near Rada is blocked off by cars on euronumbers.



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