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Ukrainians were warned about six magnetic storms in November

In November Ukrainians are waited by six magnetic storms. The UNN with reference to Laboratory of x-ray astronomy of the Sun reports about it.

Magnetic excitement are expected in Ukraine on November 3, 4, 5, 6, 9 and 11.

According to data of National atmospheric administration of the USA (NOAA), magnetic storms, besides human health, are capable to influence spacecrafts and migration of animals. the Family doctor Valeria Novikova told

KP in Ukraine" that changes of magnetic field of Earth are felt practically by all people. Young and healthy hardly notice them unless the head can hurt or appear excessive nervousness.

People of middle age can feel heartbeat, exacerbation of chronic diseases of heart and nervous system.

At people is more senior pulse can become frequent, to rise arterial blood pressure, to deteriorate mood, to appear insomnia and feeling of concern.

In days of magnetic indignations is desirable to refuse big physical activities, is healthy food, to drink clear water and natural juice.

If is an opportunity, it is better to refuse trips including from business trips.



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