Date: 2 months ago   Category: Economy

Ukrainians in large quantities get rid of currency: what is going on?

In January, 2019 Ukrainians sold cash on 175, it is more 5 million dollars, than bought.

This information was published in reporting data of the NBU.

In the cash foreign exchange market the net sale of currency the population exceeded purchase.

So, became known that in January of the current year the population of Ukraine sold 912.9 million and 737.4 million dollars bought.

Thus, on monthly results sold the population cash for 175.5 million dollars more, than bought. we Will remind

that this week dollar exchange rate struck through the next psychological level in 27 hryvnias. So the American currency did not cost little from last summer. Strengthening of hryvnia is explained with calling of money of foreign investors state bonds and inflow of means from exporters.

For the last week dollar considerably decreased to hryvnia on all segments of the foreign exchange market by 2.0-2.8%. So, from last Friday the official US dollar exchange rate established to the NBU decreased from 27.74 UAH to 26.96 UAH (-2.8%). The demand/offer of dollar on Mezhbank, according to the Ukrdiling company, for the same time decreased from 27.485/27.515 to 26.905/26.940 (-2.1%). Average courses of purchase/sale of cash dollar in banks decreased in a week from 27.41/27.67 to 26.86/27.13 (-2.0%).

"At the beginning of a week to strengthening of hryvnia was promoted by great demand on state bonds in national currency. By its end growth of hryvnia slowed down, but remained that is called "by inertia". Dollar depreciation lasts month and gained rather steady character. On this background buyers of currency do not hurry to make transactions, proceeding from what the later they will buy, the it to them will cost cheaper. Next week we expect continuation of depreciation of dollar. By its end the dollar on Mezhbank can be trading near 26.4 UAH, and the cash dollar in banks by the end of the week can be quoted about 26.3/26.6 UAH", - the senior analyst At par Vadim Iosub told.



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