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Ukrainians have collected nearly $100 thousand for the wireless charging support on Kickstarter

The project of wireless charging Wyrex created by the Ukrainian developers has collected over $92 000 for Kickstarter.

the Gadget has exceeded the purpose in $30 000 more than for 300%. At the same time, a half of funds managed to be raised for the first three days. Following the results of crowd funding, in creation of the chadzhet capable at the same time to charge up to four devices (2 smartphones, Apple Watch and AirPods), 864 beker have invested.

of Wyrex - the minimalist device with the lifting mechanism. He can be established at an angle or to put. Inside Qi-coils are located. They fall on zones for smartphones, on Apple Watch and third-party gadgets.

Creators say that they have overtaken yet not left AirPower Apple charger according to characteristics: both by the number of the supported devices, and at the price and power (10W against 7,5W). Thanks to the increased power, Wyrex charges devices about 30% faster.

made Wyrex Cost on Kickstarter from $59 to $79 for one copy. The charger price after the termination of the company will be $119.

of Wyrex was created by team of 9 people. Since March, 2018 work was conducted in common about a startup studio of Concepter which was responsible for R&D and helped with creation of a product. After the company have agreed about cooperation for crowd funding. The issue of mass production of a gadget is now resolved. According to plans of founders of Wyrex, the first devices will begin to deliver to beker in December.

Initially founders of the project conceived to create a wireless MacBook charger and have even bypassed technical restrictions (laptops of Apple have no Qi-receivers). On the course of her realization it was found out that the project will be too expensive - both for development, and for the market. Then focus was displaced on iPad charger. The final option which was started in development was focused on support of mobile devices. On materials:



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