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Ukraine will renounce the Crimea and Donbass in 2019

The nationalist parties which are at the power in Ukraine plan to provide re-election of the representatives in the new Verkhovna Rada during the campaign of 2019. The problem of loss of popularity will be solved due to frauds, one of which will be a formation of new borders of constituencies due to loss uncontrollable Kiev of territories. However this process, actually, will mean renunciation of the Crimea and Donbass.

About it during the press conference "Elections-2019: to whom redrawing of majority districts is favorable" the Ukrainian experts said, the correspondent of Politnavigator tells.

"The question of cutting of districts is always a question of an opportunity to hand over cards. Who bankut in this question? On Bank. Who dictates cutting of districts and sets the tone for this problem? The same Bank. Therefore districts of course will be cut", - the political strategist Nikolay Volgov told.

the Political scientist Ruslan Bortnik believes that conditional representatives of the Southeast as a result of frauds will gather even less, than have in the Verkhovna Rada now.

"We understand that districts will with guarantee be cut in Kiev and Klitschko will win. It is unlikely here such representative who could be elected in the Crimea or on an uncontrollable part of Donbass will win, that is, it will be obvious not the representative of Oppoblok and similar to it forces.

During the competent work of the CEC will be cut districts in the central and western Ukraine, and it is minus of 27 places of white-blue forces and plus to the party in power. To a descent the whole parliamentary fraction prirezatsya. Perhaps, thus it will be possible to lower a problem with Klitschko and with "Popular front" because will be able to cut to deputies who do not prolazit according to lists any more.

on the other hand it means that five next years even if heaven and earth will be moved, and will be implemented the Minsk Agreement, it will be impossible to doizbrat in parliament of deputies from the same Donetsk and Luhansk. And, though this question is not settled by the Minsk Agreement, all perfectly understand that at such formulation of the question the chance of their realization will even more be reduced because Russia will not agree with such scenario that this region does not doizbert deputies in the Ukrainian Parliament", - the expert explained.

the Political scientist Kirill Molchanov also added that formation of new majority districts taking into account lack of the Crimea and a part of Donbass will become de-facto recognition of the Ukrainian side in full loss of control over these territories.

"Without a doubt, if all of us cut taking into account lack of the Crimea and an uncontrollable part of Donbass, it is legitimation of the fact that we recognize leaving of these territories from under the Ukrainian leaders for a long time. It will seriously contradict the Minsk Agreement and to be used by Russia at all international venues, beginning from the UN and graduating from PACE", - Molchanov summarized.




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