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Ukraine tests the unique system of treatment of oncology

Ukraine is the only country of Europe where test the unique system of treatment of oncology, even at the fourth stage of a disease. Operation is done without blood at Institute of cancer - laparoscopically. As they say in plot TCH.Tizhden, patients after such operation can live six-seven years, the UNIAN tells. the Special needle passes

through a wall of a liver and gets directly the middle metastases. High temperature on the end of the tool unique meanwhile literally burns out a malignant tumor. The burn of course will be, but in a month will cicatrize and cancer cells will not go further. The most surprising in this operation - patients because in their diagnoses it is about the fourth stage of cancer.

"Made the unique procedure to female resident Kolomyi of the Ivano-Frankivsk region. Removed with it a part of intestines and a tumor of a liver, but cancer managed to give a metastasis in a liver. Lyubov agreed to unusual operation. First, it is about a liver. Often during intervention in this body - patients die directly on the operating table. And only five clinics to all Ukraine can carry out full surgical intervention in a liver. Secondly, the scalpel in this operation is almost not applied. It is about laparoscopic radio-frequency destruction of metastases and the patient for the second day can go home. Thirdly, the method allows to treat people with the fourth stage of cancer", - it is said in TSN plot.

However use this innovative Japanese technology only in Japan and Ukraine.

"Image of our institution highly characterizes research associates, experts. We are known far. And in Japan also. Ukraine draws attention of Japanese long ago", - the director of Institute of cancer Elena Kolesnik reported.

during unique operation the manager of office of low-invasive and endoscopic surgery, intervention radiology Andrey Lukashenko did not use scalpels and knives. Instead of them - computers. The surgeon will take a scalpel in hand once - from the very beginning to enter ports through which will get access to the necessary bodies into an abdominal cavity. Who could think, the senseless spot also is that terrible cancer which can cost life.

Doctors enter a special needle through port. It through it a method is called innovative. The needle is thin such tool in the world, and therefore, according to doctors, more aim also can delete tumors, smaller by the size.

"On the end of this needle we have still such umbrella which expands a zone of destruction of a tumor. It is entered into a tumor and very high temperature moves on the end of an umbrella", - the expert told. As a result the tumor was destroyed.

"If a metastasis more than three centimeters already such method cannot be applied. Then already - only to delete a part of a liver. Independently this technique gives chance to recover in 30% of cases. Addition of chemotherapy increases chance of treatment to 50-60%", - the surgeon Lukashenko added.

of Figure really surprising. What sounded as the death sentence, Bol now earlier



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