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Ukraine takes away from Genoa a strong-willed draw with Italy: to watch goals

Andrey Shevchenko returned to Italy to show to the main team of the country what his national team of Ukraine is capable of. The day before the trainer told journalists that he hopes for demonstration by the Ukrainian football players of the game. However, in the first half of guests it was practically not visible in the field.

the Main character in the field was the goalkeeper of Shakhtar Andrey Pyatov. Passed all minutes seven, and the goalkeeper already three times seriously joined the game, having struck away blows from Bernardeski, Kyeza and Bonucci. Italians did not manage to score a fast goal, but in the middle of a time everything began anew. Pyatov dragged dangerous blows from Barella and the same Kyeza and when Insinye aimed at the right corner, already and the goalkeeper would not help, but the star forward nevertheless missed. Ukrainians answered only with Marlos's attacks, but his attempts to get to the left corner were easily taken by Donnarumma.

Alas, after a break goalkeeper фарт was exhausted. In the 55th minute Bernardeski before the leaving on replacement strongly punched from a distance in the right corner. Pyatov got this blow, but the ball, slippery from a rain, nevertheless flew in a grid from gate of the goalkeeper. 1:0 - it was unpleasant. To honor of Ukrainians, football players did not fall down and could even quickly the score, having realized the first semi-moment. Angular on the right, Wish-wash won air and threw off to Malinovsky. The midfielder put the case and punched on the flying ball of meters from 15. Precisely got to the right corner - 1:1! Here and Donnarumma was powerless, as well as in the moment which followed it with Malinovsky's penalty. But here the goalkeeper was saved by a crossbeam. A bit later Malinovsky organized cool counterattack with Petryak and Tsygankov's participation, but the Dynamo member punched near the left bar.

passed the Last minutes tensely. Alas, Kravets, having played only 15 minutes, received the next injury and left the field. But Krivtsov who came for replacement proved from the best party, having won a duel one in one against Immobile in the added time.

as a result a draw with Italy 1:1 - as speak in such cases, two different times. And the second half extremely encourages before an important duel against the Czech Republic. 2017-18, Friendly matches. National teams. Italy - Ukraine 1:1 (0:0)

Goals: Bernardeski, 55 (1:0); Malinovsky, 62 (1:1)

Italy: Donnarumma J.; Biragi K. (Krishito, 88); Bonucci; Chiellini; Florents (Piccinni, 84); Chiesa F.; Verratti (Bonaventura, 70); Barella (Pellegrini Laure., 78); Zhorzhinyo; Insinye L. (Berardi D., 78); Bernardeski (Immobile, 56)

Ukraine: Pyatov; Wish-wash; Karavayev; Rakitsky (Krivtsov, 88); Matviyenko N.; Sidorchuk (Stepanenko, 56); Zinchenko; Марлос (Tsygankov, 46); Malinovsky; Common linnet (Petryak, 73); Yaremchuk (Kravets, 76; Butko, 90)

of Prevention: Verratti, 51; Chiesa F., 94 - Rakitsky, 36; Wish-wash, 48



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