Date: 5 months ago   Category: Economy

Ukraine has record-breaking increased export of a number of products

For the first three months of a new season supply of the frozen berries and fruit and also onions have record-breaking grown.

From June to August Ukraine has increased export of the frozen berries and fruit by 80% - to 20 thousand tons. The Internet portal EastFruit reports about it.

"For the first three months of a new season of 2018/19 (from June to August) Ukraine has increased export of the frozen berries and fruit by 80% in cost measurement, having received more than $35 million export revenue. The volume of export has reached about 20 thousand tons that became a new record for the first three months of a season", - it is said in the statement.

according to analysts, increase in export of the frozen berries has become possible thanks to sharp increase in production of raspberry in 2017 when a considerable part of production was gone through a capacity shortage on freezing. Therefore at the beginning of 2018 several new powerful enterprises for shock freezing of fruit and vegetable products which have begun to work already in a new season have been constructed at once. In 2018 production of a wild strawberry garden, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries has increased that has led to further falling of the prices of them. It has coincided with a big crop of berries, such as bilberry forest. As a result, the prices have fallen also raspberry of summer grades, quite often bought 7-10 UAH/kg on freezing. In exceptional cases the prices exceeded 10 UAH/kg. And even in the fresh market nobody managed to receive the price over 20 UAH/kg practically.

Also, according to the portal, for the first two months of the current season has sharply grown export of onions.

"Export of onions from Ukraine for the first two months of a season of 2018/19 has exceeded a last year's indicator almost by 17 times and has made 5,7 thousand tons. It also was the greatest indicator of export of onions for the last seasons for this period of year, mass cleaning of late grades of onions of a new harvest begins usually only at the end of August", - it is said in the statement.

At the same time, note analysts, to speak about the high prospects of export of onions from Ukraine in a new season still prematurely. The matter is that the prices of onions in the first week of September have begun to grow dynamically against the background of messages about rather low productivity of onions in the southern regions of Ukraine. Vegetable growers prefer to put quality onions on storage, abstaining from his realization as are sure that they will be able to receive for him higher price in the winter-spring. Already today the wholesale price for onions in the Kherson region has exceeded

last year's for 5% and has reached 0,15 dollars for kg though I remained at the level of 0,12-0,13 dollars for kg two weeks ago.



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