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Ukraine counted how many road accidents made a car with foreign registration last year

Drivers of vehicles with foreign registration (on eurometal plates) in 2018 became responsible for 9,000 road accidents in Ukraine. The head of the department of information support, the analysis and methodology of insurance of MTSBU Elena Masharo reported about it, speaking at a conference within "Week of traffic safety".

As is reported, in 2018 nearly 409 thousand contracts of obligatory insurance on ensuring responsibility of foreign vehicles in the territory of the country were signed. It is quoted by Interfax Ukraine.

According to data of MTSBU, during 2018 from total amount more than 6.8 thousand insured events which happened to such road accident cars for the sum about 100 million UAH are settled under contracts of internal insurance, about 1 thousand for the sum more than 45 million UAH - under contracts of the international insurance of foreign insurers.

Almost in 700 cases foreign cars had no insurance coverage, payment to the victims which had the existing policies of obligatory insurance, were carried out at the expense of means of the centralized Fund of protection of the victims of MTSBU. Total amount of such payments was more than 20 million UAH. After payments for this fund the Bureau conducts work on collecting the sums of compensation from responsible for road accident as regress.

according to Masharo, the greatest number of road accident with participation foreign the CU in the territory of Ukraine were made by drivers of cars with the Polish, Lithuanian and Bulgarian registration.

the Ukrainian car owners in 2018 signed 7.550 million contracts of the international insurance "Green card" and made more than 3.5 thousand road accidents outside the country. The extent of the caused damage was one million about EUR10.5. The greatest number of road accident according to Ukrainian "Green card" occurred in Poland (28.4%), the Russian Federation (21.7%), Germany (9.7%).

"The system of compulsory third party car insurance reliably works and corresponds to the interests of participants of traffic in Ukraine and beyond its limits, irrespective of the country of registration of the CU. It is important to make efforts that all car owners had policies of obligatory insurance", - Masharo emphasized.



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