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Ukraine - Slovakia - 1:0: The first on the equator (VIDEO)

Ukraine - Slovakia - 1:0: The first on the equator (VIDEO)
The League of Nations of B

Group 1

Ukraine - Slovakia - 1:0 (0:0)

of Yarmolenko, 80 - with a penalty.

Ukraine: Pyatov, Rakitsky, Wish-wash, Matviyenko, Common linnet (Tsygankov, 78), Stepanenko (Sidorchuk, 86), Yarmolenko, Karavayev, Marlos, Malinovsky (Zinchenko, 71), Yaremchuk.

Slovakia: Dubrovka, Skrtel, Gubochan, Is shaky, Shkrinyar, Hamshik, Weis (Rusnak, 70), Kutska (Gregush, 78), Mack, Lobotka, the German (Duda, 65).

of Prevention: Gubochan, 16. Common linnet, 64. Fife, 74. Sidorchuk, 90 4 <.br>
Judge: Сидиропулос (Greece).

on September 9. Lviv. Lviv Arena stadium.


After the game in Uherske Hradiste many (yes almost everything!) said: it was the best match of the national team in two years of government of Andrey Shevchenko. Sceptics (or if you want, more careful and less impressionable) spoke about year prescription the Kharkiv match with Turkey (2:0) and reminded of the general result of that "sparka" when defeat in Iceland has significantly damped our chances of an exit from group.

One change in the structure of our national team: Nikita Burda instead of Sergey Krivtsov who hasn't flashed reliability with Czechs. Well and in a stock Vasily Kravets to whom in the Czech Republic it is banal there wasn't enough place, has replaced traumatized and at once Evgeny Hacheridi who has come back to Thessaloniki.

At Slovaks of changes in comparison with a recent match against unclear structure of Denmark is more. But nobody thought that Jan Kozak will expose the same people. Robert Mack instead of Albert Rusnak at the right edge of the attack, Stanislav Lobotka in a basic zone instead of Patrick Groshovski, Milan Shkrinyar instead of Robert Mazan in defense. All this is with shift in places.

At last, Martin Dubravka has replaced Matush Kozachik in goal. If instead of surnames of players to substitute names of clubs, the picture will turn out more interesting: "Zenit", Celta, Inter, Newcastle instead of American "Real of Solt-Leyka", two players of Victoria and one of Celta.

One more arising comparison - with a match of four-year prescription in Kiev with which rivals began the selection cycle Euro-2016. At us on the place - Pyatov, Rakitsky, Stepanenko, Yarmolenko. They - as much new people have Dubravka, Skrtel, Is shaky also Lobotka. The attack - in the same structure...

From first minutes was visible that we have got the rival other caliber, than Czechs. Besides much less loaded - per day I had more a rest. And to overtire in a match with fans from the third or fourth the Danish divisions (yesterday, by the way, already a basis with Wales played) the reasons wasn't. Only the tone was supported.

Slovaks have imposed ours rigid aggressive fight in a midfield on each site therefore Ruslan Malinovsky who was with impunity creating in the middle in a duel with Czechs has been connected by fetters of dense guardianship and itself has been forced to pay more attention to regular duties. Nevertheless, his basic position - the basic midfielder. And not from a crown shot of Malinovsky, and only after six minutes our games have begun firing of gate of Dubravka with distant blow of Taras Stepanenko.



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