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Turkey will respond to sanctions of the USA with production SU-57, joint with Russia

As have reported in the Turkish edition Aydinlik Gazetesi, the government of the country is ready to the similar scenario in case of cancellation of deliveries of the American fighters.

will refuse to deliver Washington to Turkey F-35 if Ankara doesn't fulfill a number of requirements. Among them: delivery of the pastor Branson, withdrawal of troops from Syria and Iraq, revision of a position on Kurds and amnesty of FETO forbidden in the country of the organization which is accused of attempt of a coup d'etat in Turkey.

the Journalist Evren Devrim Zelyyuta has written that the United States in vain think that Turkey will be left with nothing because of refusal of the USA to sell F-35. Zilt considers that Turkey will answer with production SU-57, joint with Russia. The activist has also noted that throughout all history of existence of the Republic of Turkey Russia takes active part in construction of factories, the plants and objects of nuclear power whereas the USA "was lit" in the organization of military disorders in 2016, financing of terrorist Kurdistan Workers' Party and currency attack to the state.

Desire of Ankara to cooperate with Russia confirms the arrangement on sale of the Russian ZRK S-400 of Turkey what the director of Rostec Victor Kladov has reported about. He has noted that special value of this event that Turkey is included into NATO. the First samples of surface-to-air missile systems Turkey will receive

next year.

Krom of search of new partners, in response to sanctions of the USA Turkey has already refused demonstration of the American westerns, have reported in the State broadcasting company TRT of Turkey, and the Foreign Minister of Turkey Mevlyut Chavushoglu has drawn an analogy between politicians of the USA and cowboys.

* - Activity of the organization is forbidden in the territory of the Russian Federation by the decision of the Supreme Court.



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