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Tuka about appeals of politicians to appeal to the Budapest memorandum: What Budapest in a sraka, if one of his elements - Russia?

Russia refuses flatly to sit down to a negotiating table with Great Britain and the USA which are signers of the Budapest memorandum, the deputy minister concerning temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons Georgy Tuka has said.

of the Deputy minister concerning temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons Georgy Tuka considers that he appeals to appeal to the Budapest memorandum in questions of protection of Ukraine is a populism. He has told about it on air of Gromadsky on October 31.

"Many politicians who gather in presidents, say that it is necessary to appeal to the Budapest memorandum. What do you think of it?", - the leader has asked.

"Is gallery play, it is no more and not less. Pathologically I hate populists of any grade - left, right, yellow, in a tochechka, women, мкжчин - all the same. I just hate them. And when appeals to Budapest or Budapest plus sound. . Well what Budapest in a sraka, if one of elements of Budapest - Russia? What you there to yourself draw Budapest? If Russia refuses flatly to sit down to a negotiating table with Great Britain and the USA what Budapest and what "plus"? ", - the official has told.

according to him, actually Budapest memorandum has been executed by the signer countries.

"If to take the agreement and to read on lines, it is executed. Because the only obligation which was undertaken by the signer countries is to bring up a safety issue of Ukraine in the UN Security Council that they also have made", - Tuka has said.

according to the deputy minister, the Minsk negotiation format on settlement of a situation on Donbass is uncontested so far.

"If someone is able to organize some alternative tool, we will use him", - the politician has told.

the Budapest memorandum has been signed on December 5, 1994. According to the document, the signer countries - Great Britain, Russia and the USA - have undertaken to be guarantors of independence, sovereignty and borders of Ukraine and also to abstain from application against Ukraine of any weapon, not only nuclear. Besides, signers promised not to put economic pressure upon Kiev. In exchange Ukraine has refused the nuclear status. Under the memorandum the president of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma, the Russian President Boris Yeltsin, the U.S. President Bill Clinton and the prime minister of Great Britain John Major have appended the signatures of that time.

Russia in 2014 has violated memorandum conditions, having annexed the Crimea and having begun the armed aggression on Donbass.

the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov considers that Russia hasn't violated the Budapest agreement as hasn't used nuclear weapon concerning Ukraine.



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