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Trump has promised to deal with Google

The U.S. President Donald Trump has shared the thoughts concerning work of algorithms of a Google search engine. In several last messages in a social network of Twitter Trump, in fact, has accused the technological giant of manipulation of search delivery for the purpose of display of especially negative news about him.

Trump has said that Google and others "conceal all data and news which carry positive coloring". He has also added that he it "very serious situation" and has promised to understand. the guess Trump has supported

with very doubtful statistics specifying that 96% of results on inquiry of Trump News are materials of the media advocating the interests of the left wing of political forces.

As notes a The Verge resource, initially these data have been published on the right website of PJ Media, and then have quickly picked up them and have distributed other conservative American editions. Probably, so information has reached Trump.

These data have been obtained by one reporter within the small research. He has just executed search in the term Trump News from several computers, and then has estimated bias of search engine among political media in the first 100 positions of search results. For definition of belonging of media to this or that political force the journalist used results of a research of Cheryl Atkisson, the former reporter of CNN who last year has said on air of Fox News that media feed the public with "artificial reality". there is no

As usual, with Donald Trump's messages on Twitter any clarity. First, the president often gives statements of this sort which optional find the embodiment in concrete decisions. It is unknown how will be in a case with Google. Secondly, Trump is known that he often abuses the term "fake news", applying it to publications where his actions or decisions are criticized. Well and thirdly, assessment of bias of algorithms of Google - very uncommon task. The search giant uses the complex system of ranging with a set of factors and parameters which define the place of this or that website in search delivery. And though the concrete formula is unknown, the age of media, his reputation and existence of keywords in materials - all this plays a part when forming search delivery. Besides, ranging of search results differs depending on the region that complicates objective assessment even stronger.

is Still clear one - the last statements of Trump are fed with moods of his many supporters who are convinced that media are "an enemy of the people" and take a jaundiced view to Trump's decisions. In recent years republicans often used situations of this sort as a reason for the attack to services of the different technological companies, including Facebook and Twitter. It is possible that under fire there can soon be Google. On materials:



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