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Trump considers that he is necessary to the French

The U.S. President Donald Trump said that mass protests in France happen because of the Parisian climatic agreement.

As writes NV, about it the American head wrote on the Twitter.

"Pass protests and revolts across all France. People do not want to pay big money, generally to Third World countries (which doubtfully use them) that it is possible to protect the environment. They chant: "We want Trump", - Trump wrote.

It is known that in June, 2017 the U.S. President Donald Trump announced withdrawal of the USA from the Parisian agreement on climate. According to Trump, climate change is a "far-fetched" problem.

the Agreement directed to fight against global warming was accepted in December, 2015 in Paris. 195 member countries of this agreement undertook to reduce greenhouse emissions not to allow growth of average annual temperature in the world more than on two degrees Celsius. Ideally growth of temperature on average should not exceed one and a half degrees. At the same time each of the countries has to define independently the policy on reduction of emissions of carbon dioxide.

the Parisian agreement obliged the USA to reduce by 2025 emissions of greenhouse gases by 26-28% in comparison with the level of 2005.

That the agreement came into force, it has to undergo ratification in 55 countries together producing at least 55% of world volume of greenhouse gases.



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