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Trump announced ineffectual completion of investigation of its communications with Russia

The U.S. President Donald Trump considers that trials of legislators concerning statements about relations between its campaign headquarters and the Russian Federation ended without results and now democrats will focus on groundless checks of its business contacts. The American leader said it on Monday in an interview to Fox News TV channel.

"Cannot be allowed that what happened to me, happened to any other president", - Trump told. As he explained, it is about "investigations concerning what never occurred as that, as for Russia".

As was reminded by Trump, last week senator Richard Burr (State of North Carolina republican) said that the special committee on investigation of the Senate of the U. S. Congress headed by the legislator within the investigation continuing about two years did not find any certificates of conspiracy between the campaign headquarters of the U.S. President and the Russian Federation. Senator, in particular, noted that he would be ready to complete trial as soon as possible as "there is no question left on which it is necessary to look for answers".

"Democrats know that this cheating, is a game of politics. So now this Russian question it is finished, and they say: "We will study all companies with which Donald Trump was ever connected", - the U.S. President emphasized. "I believe

that we have 79 different letters from various committees", - Trump reported, speaking about the requests for providing information on its communications arriving from legislators in business. "We received letters from so large number of committees, I did not know that we have so many committees", - the American leader noted. As he emphasized, the specified inquiries "are not based on any information on any violations". we Will remind

that intelligence agencies of the USA attribute to Russia intervention in electoral process in the USA in 2016. The special committee on investigation of the House of Representatives of the U. S. Congress completed the trial in this respect in March, 2018, without having found however serious certificates of conspiracy between Trump's headquarters and the Russian Federation.

about it continue to conduct Investigations FBI, special committee on investigation of the Senate and also the office of the special prosecutor Robert Müller appointed by Ministry of Justice.



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