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Trays for things contain more microbes, than toilet bowls in the airports!

Scientists have checked them - and were shocked!

of the Procedure of examination at the airports are designed to secure you, but they can quite award you with cold - and even something it is worse. Now it is possible to add to the list of surfaces which as eternally remind us, literally teem with microbes (pets, subway seats, cabins, ATMs) safely trays for things on points of examination at the airports, The New York Times reports.

These plastic trays are used on check points around the world, and millions of passengers touch them when put footwear, laptops, baggage and other things before pass through X-ray there. And now the European scientists have found out that the set of different microbes lives in trays, including causative agents of cold.

Scientific of the University of Nottingham in England and the Finnish National Institute of health and wellbeing have taken dabs from often touched surfaces at the airport of Helsinki (Finland) in time and after rush hours in the winter of 2016. They have revealed watch a rhinovirus (the causative agent of cold) and a flu A virus.

Traces have been found for 50% of luggage trays - it is the highest rate among all studied surfaces. On unitazny seats of these viruses it isn't revealed at all.

Results of a research have been published in the BMC Infectious Diseases magazine and can help to improve policy of fight against spread of infectious diseases in the world. "Presence of microbes in the airport environment wasn't investigated earlier", - Nina Ikonen, the expert in virology at the Finnish institute says. She adds that these results will help to introduce new technical improvements during the planning and the equipment of the airports.

of Finavia - the company operating the airport of Helsinki, - I have said: "At the Finavia airports all sanitary and hygienic procedures conform to requirements of bodies of health care: all surfaces are daily cleaned, and all trays, etc. regularly wash". Scientists emphasize: their conclusions don't mean that the found signs of viruses are capable to cause diseases. However other researches show that microbes can live on different surfaces till several days. with

to reduce risk of infection, it is necessary to wash carefully hands and always to cough only in a scarf, a napkin or a sleeve, especially in public places. don't you disdain

A to touch these trays?

Nikita Skorobogatov.



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