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Train as the pilot of MotoGP: the schedule a track days for November and December, 2018 - Spain

Train as the pilot of MotoGP: the schedule a track days for November and December, 2018 - Spain
The summer season on the majority of the Russian and European race circuits is solemnly closed, there came the hot season in Spain! The schedule of the next big a track days on the most interesting tracks where pilots of MotoGP and World Superbike train.

of МОТОГОНКИ.РУ, on October 10, 2018 - the Joint Russian-Spanish BoxesMoto project invites to a track days to Spain. Excellent weather, 100% of race service, skilled instructors and lack of a language barrier.

the Full organization of reception - a track days in turnkey Spain: to come to a track, it is only enough to arrive. You specify date, the team reserves tickets, hotel, will organize a transfer and prepares the equipment.

at the disposal of team rolling motorcycles of categories 600 and 1000 of cc (Yamaha R6, BMW S 1000 RR), completely ready to a track days and to amateur races. The equipment is prepared by the certified experts who were trained in Ohlins, Monlau Technical School.

of Ricardo Tormo Circuit (Valencia) - the legendary route of the big final of the World Cup in MotoGP - Valencia's Grand Prix (on November 16-18, 2018). Learn, than the autodrome of Ricardo Tormo, BoxesMoto base is remarkable!

of Circuito de Almeria (Almeria) is the best training platform of Europe: a route WorldSBK/MotoGP format - 4.2 km, 12 turns (7 right, 5 left). Izlyublennaya Route of pilots of World Superbike, British Superbike, Moto2, Moto3, favourite training Tito Rabat Route. It is located in 30 minutes from the Mediterranean resort in the Almeria gulf.

of Circuito Cartagena (Cartagena, Mursia) is the Classical Spanish autodrome, the favourite place of the European and Russian riders which got used to meet New year in Europe, in a sport bike saddle. The Spanish New year is the same Russian tradition as the first April trainings in Brno! Circle length - 3.5 km, 18 turns (10 right, 8 left), a starting straight line of 610 m
of Circuito de Andaluc&237;a (Almeria) - the Private training route of the world champion in Moto2, the pilot of MotoGP Tito Rabat. A unique sports complex in which design all most known turns and chicanes from autodromes of MotoGP are collected. Rabat built this route especially for self-improvement. Circle length: 4.3 km, 15 turns, the fixed width of a path of 10 m (12 m on start home straight). It is located in close proximity to Circuito de Almeria. The route enjoys wide popularity among amateur pilots and semi-professionals from the whole Europe. In operation since 2017 - ideal asphalt, perfect condition of boxes - a new track! In more detail about Circuito de Andaluc&237;a on МОТОГОНКИ.РУ the Most interesting a track days in the nearest future: On November 3-4 Ricardo Tormo Circuit (Valencia) of

on November 23-24 Circuito de Almeria

on December 8-9 Circuito de Andaluc&237;a (NEW!)

on December 29-30-31 Circuito Cartagena


Telefn: 79256824733 (Moscow/Valencia) of

Phone: 34962737661 (Valencia) of

P.S. The number of places for booking on a track days in November and Dec



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