Date: 8 months ago   Category: Economy

Trade negotiations of the USA-Canada haven't yielded results

Trade negotiations between the USA and Canada for search of the agreement alternative to NAFTA, will continue next week, that is after the deadline established by the U.S. President.

the Administration of U.S. President has informed the Congress on intention to sign the torgovoy agreement with Mexico in 90 days. Canada still "can get aboard if wants", the US Trade Representative Robert Laytkhazer has said on Friday.

according to him, Washington and Ottawa will resume negotiations on Wednesday after four days of intense negotiations at the high level to the American capital on it to week.

Mexico and the USA have already agreed about the preliminary agreement on Monday. In recent days also negotiations between Mexico and Canada were conducted.

according to the representative of the USA, the full text of the agreement between Mexico and the USA will be presented to the Congress within 30 days.

the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada Hristya Frilead has told journalists in Washington that it supports "the safe agreement" for Mexico, Canada and the USA.

Friland has confirmed that Canada looks for "the good agreement, but not just the agreement", but recognized that they "haven't agreed yet".

during negotiations the USA and Canada have stated that agriculture, in particular dairy subsidies, was a difficult obstacle for overcoming. the Canadian officials, including the prime minister Justin Trudeau, insist

that Ottawa won't sign the bad agreement and that they intend to continue to operate chains of deliveries of the dairy industry.

Ottawa also demands the reliable mechanism of settlement of disputes if in the future there are any problems.



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